Initiation Ceremonial 2015
                                                  PROGRAM 2018
                                            TO BE ANNOUNCED
                                          Saturday July 2tba 2015
5:30PM                Mass: St. Gregory Catholic Church, 700 Dewhurst, San Antonio, TX
6:30PM                Cocktail Hour: Camels Milk, St. Gregory School Cafeteria
7:00PM                Banquet Dinner: St. Gregory School Cafeteria

                                          Sunday July TBA 201

8:30AM                Continental Breakfast, Neophytes & Sir Nobles St. Gregory Gym
                          700 Dewhurst, San Antonio, TX
9:30AM                Start of Qualifying Ceremonial, St. Gregory Gym
1:00 PM                End of Ceremonial, Camels Milk & Light Snacks, for all guests

Cost for Saturday Banquet                                                          $25.00 per person
Cost for Qualifying Ceremonial (Non-Bejar Caravan)                    75.00
Cost for Qualifying Ceremonial (Brown Tassels Bejar Caravan)   40.00
Cost for Qualifying Ceremonial (Neophytes Bejar Caravan)              150.00
  Questions call your sponsor.

All Sir Nobles and Neophytes from Bejar Caravan, please make checks payable to Bejar
Caravan # 56, and  mail to Vice Grand Commander, Albert (Buddy) Gomez at 2106 Fort
Donelson Dr. , San Antonio, TX. 7824, by July 23, 2

All other Caravans please make checks payable to your Caravan, who will in turn submit your
payment to Bejar Caravan No. 56

Dress Code    Saturday:  Men-Suit/ Coat &Tie
Ladies-Dinner Attire
Neophytes & Brown Tassels must wear White Cotton Gloves at the banquet.   

             Sunday:    Sir Nobles - Casual
Candidates - White T-Shirt, Black Slacks/ pants, and  
                       Comfortable running shoes.

The Sultanas De Bejar will be sponsoring a brunch at the hotel Sunday 7/25/2010

         Howard Johnson  6901 IH 10 West (near St. Gregory the Great Church)

The Howard Johnson phone number is: (210) 738-1100.

Room Rate is $75.00 Say Alhambra

See you on the 24th.