2009 Family Picnic
This Years Family Picnic will held Sept 27, 2009, at Raymond Russel Park

There were approx 120 people in attendance at last years family picnic and we
even had  the Bejar 56 clowns perform
Bejar Caravan # 56 Clowns From left to right, GCH Albert (Buddy) Gomez, SE Alex
Camacho, GS Rene Valero, SD Robert Herrera, and MW Dan Mauricio
GCH Buddy Gomez and SE Alex Camacho, Clown it up During the
Heavens gate skit
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The 2007 Picnic committe left to right, Chairman Joe B. Cortinaz, Robert the
Tramp Herrera,Dr. Dan Mauricio,Chef Buddy Gomez, Cowboy Rene Valero
,Alex BoBo the Clown Camacho,Co Chair Armando Straight Man Sepulveda

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