Calender  of   Events
  JANUARY 2018
Jan 13                                                       Divan Meeting
Jan 23                                                       Grand Commanders Ball
                                  FEBRUARY 2018
Feb 10                                                    Divan Meeting
Feb 27-  March 1                                Charro Days, Brownsville TX
Feb 27  5:00pm -7:00pm                 Happy Hour Marriott Residence
Feb 27                                                      Day Trip Progresso Mexico
Feb 28 11:00am                                  Assemble for Charro Parade
Feb 28   5:30 pm                                   Mass & Social  
March 1                                                    Check Out   Return Home   
Past Grand Commander
Alex Camacho
March 10                                Divan / Caravan Meeting
April  11                                Day of Recollection
                                       Founders Day
                                       Assumption Seminary Building
April 14                                    Divan Meeting
April 22                                              Sultanas Fiesta Ball
                                               The Bright Shawl

April 25                                               King William Parade

May                                                  Skeet Shoot, BBQ & Raffle

May                                                   Zoo Trip

May 12                                               Divan Meeting                                   
June 9                                                Divan / Caravan Meeting
June 13                                            St Anthony De Padua Day
                                                     Social & Ceremonial

July 14                                              Caravan Meeting           
July TBA                                     Banquet and Ceremonial          

August 11                                        No Meeting
September 8                                   Divan Caravan Meeting    
September tba                                    Family Picnic

October     3                                     Election of Officers
                                                       Central Catholic Cafe
Grand Commanders Ball            TBA
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