HELP NEEDED
Dear Fraternal Brothers;

     My request for your help in providing transportation from and to the airport before, during and
after our upcoming International Convention (7/11 - 7/16) for our visiting brother, Sir Nobles and their
Sultanas reminds me of the picture of Uncle Sam pointing his finger at the viewer with the epatab “Uncle
Sam needs you” which was burned into the minds and hearts of all Americans during the Great Wars in
order to fill the ranks of all Armed Services and those needed at home to supply the labor and services
for our fighting troops.

     We are in critical need of a generous number of volunteers from our Caravan who would be
willing to volunteer their time and vehicle (of sufficient size) to meet incoming Alhambra members and
their ladies at the airport and transport them to the Menger Hotel, our Convention Headquarters and also
return departing members at the close of our convention to the airport.
Those of our members who attended the 2007 Convention in Montreal, Canada were afforded
Royal treatment and we as Texans do not want to be out done.

     A systematic plan has been laid out which we believe will benefit both our visiting guests and
those who generously volunteer to greet and transport our Brother and Sister Sultana members.
We have already begun to receive Transportation Registration Forms which have started arriving.
It is our plan to have some of our volunteers inside the airport at luggage pick-up with signs to assist
those arriving. The greeters will in turn alert those who volunteer to transport incoming members who
we anticipate will be waiting in the cell phone parking area that arrivals are ready for transportation to
the hotel. Hopefully this plan will eliminate wasted time and effort and provide some degree of order
and less confusion for this undertaking by Bejar 56.

     In a similar manner a chart of names, times and flight #’s of those departing will be posted in a
prominent location in the hotel during the last two days of the convention so we can schedule
transportation for departing members and arrange for their transportation needs.
Guys, let me be honest, I am in desperate need of your generosity to make a good showing for
our Caravan, we need those who can transport 2, 4, 6 passengers and luggage (no motor scooters, please)
and also don’t forget we need greeters in the airport with cell phones. There is no objection to working
as a team if you have sufficient room to transport arriving and departing members. Last convention many
husbands and wives worked together.

     A form for you to volunteer is available for download, or can be cut out or duplicated and sent to
     me by the following methods, or just call and let me know when you are available to help.

     Office # (210) 225-3535
     Office Fax # (210) 225-3537
     Home # (210) 491-0330                                                                                                        
Down load Volunteer form
     E-mail address:

     I know Bejar will make a great showing, by performing in our usual superior style.
             Bob Sims
             Transportation Chairman